Cad drawing 2D and 3D for theatre and event

Fire Protection Plans

Lightning Simulations

Creation of sketch drawings, side cuts, section views, visually fastidious 3D representations particularly for theatre, event and meeting

Based on the created sketches of the stage, auditorium and building we continue to make fire protection and emergency route plans according to the local laws and regulations

We are specialized to create easy to understand 3D presentations of the emergency routes and mechanisms in terms of safety

Based on the existing stage plans and lightning plots we create 3D high quality rendered lightning simulations, in order to give you, or your customers an idea of atmospheres, tendencies or your show concept

Technical Riders

An easy to understand and professionally structured technical rider, with text and illustrations saves time and prevents misunderstandings. The result will be a more efficient working during the set up of your show. That saves money and energy. Translations in spanish, french, italian and german are available

Venue Rider

A detailed, easily understandable and visually fastidiously edited description of your venue  make the estimation of the available possibilities much easier ,it avoids misunderstandings and from this resulting costs.

Production Management

We plan your event, your production, your ideas and the appearance of your project.

Starting with a rough sketched idea, followed by budgeting, we plan every detail and create that way a smooth running production

An ambitious team of designers, produktion managers and high qualified technicians can be assembled especially for the needs of your production.

Cultural Logistic