-construction and design of unconventional shapes in architecture and design
-set design, set building, props building
-model constructiondesign_1.html
-cad drawing 2D and 3D 
-fire protection plans
-escape and emergency route plans
-textile roofings, tents up to 
4000 sqm
-textile architecture
-construction supervision
-tree houses
-house boats


Services for theatre, event and architecture

Full service, from the first sketch to the finished product

-cultural logistics
-cad drawing 2D and 3D for 
theatre and event
-fire protection plans
-escape and emergency route plans
-lightning simulations
-technical riders
-venue riders
-production managing
-planning and budgeting
-tour planning and managing


Planning office and cultural logistics

Latest Project !!!
low cost low energy houselowcost_house.html
Latest Invention !!!
Latest Patent !!!
Application for crime preventioncrimewatchengl.html